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Pack your bags and load up the car. It’s time for a road trip! Open Road takes place on Interstate 90 headed west through South Dakota. This story is all about the freedom and joy of wide-open spaces. That feeling of resting the eyes way out into the distance makes the breath come easy and the mind feel spacious. With the windows rolled down and the wind in your hair, the eyes can set out ahead, gazing toward your next adventure. 

Gather your firewood and settle in for the evening. There's nothing like the solitude of the mountains and a crackling campfire to sooth your mind and body after a long day's ride. Mountain View Campfire is all about the beauty of Central Oregon's high desert landscape with a view of the Cascades Mountains. The horses are all tucked in and it's high time we all get some rest.

All stories written & told by Ashley Caldwell Warwick

Recorded & mixed by Brian Warwick, www.brianwarwickaudio.com

Sound effects obtained from www.zapsplat.com